Standard-Software for
Library Management

Internet portal software, internet catalog (OPAC) and management software for public libraries, school libraries, corporate libraries and special libraries of different sizes. Software modules for procurement, cataloging, statistics and book loan operations.

More than 1,000 public libraries throughout Germany are using our software. The range extends from small school libraries over municipal libraries to large public city libraries with a coverage area of up to 400,000 inhabitants (German Library Association Section 2 members).

Almost half of our library customers decided to use our cloud software hosting service.

Standard-Software for
Digital Signage and Presentation Systems

Multi monitor software for virtual graphics adapters and display screens. System software and software components for video walls, innovative display systems and devices.

Our corporate customers are spread over about 20 countries ranging from small startups to top 10 technology enterprises worldwide. They integrate our software components into their products or use our system software and applications.

Millions of private consumer customers in more than 200 countries worldwide have already downloaded our multi monitor apps.

Custom Software
Development and Test

Experienced software developers and software testers are available for hire on contract basis. European and Asian software engineers can be booked for individual projects as well as long term engagement of complete teams for continuous product development and maintenance.

An increasing number of German SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are engaging our teams to develop their mobile apps, applications and system software.

Maintenance and development of Windows device drivers are being continued for the existing customer base of international system and device manufacturers.


WinBIAP – Library Management Software

Library management software
– For libraries of different sizes.
– From small school libraries over municipal libraries to large city libraries.
– Covers the whole scope of applications within the library.
– Integration of various third party systems (e.g. RFID, ePayment, etc.).
– Various media services (e.g. Onleihe, Brockhaus, Munzinger, etc.).
– Smartphone and tablet app for library users (iOS and Android).

Local system or cloud services – two environments – one software
– Setup possible for both local operation as well as cloud hosting services.
– The user always operates the same software.
– The user does not notice, if the system is local or remote in the cloud.

OPAC with Open Source internet portal WordPress
– OPAC is integrated into the content management system WordPress.
– Many municipalities and cities are already using WordPress.
– Fair priced WordPress training courses available worldwide.
– Extensive functionality of more than 60.000 WordPress plugins.
– Blog, event calender, social media integration, ticket shop, etc.

Data pools
– Various data pools are seamlessly integrated.
– Usable for procurement as well as cataloging.
– Book trade data from publishing houses (Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher).
– Data service of the German National Library (availability Q4 2019).
– Data services of ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH.
– Use of composite library pools via z39.50 interface.

Hotline, support and community
– Personal telephone contact with hardly any waiting time.
– Specialized telephone contact.
– Professionals for librarian topics.
– Experts for technical IT topics.
– Regular user conferences in the northern and southern parts of Germany.

spacedesk – Multi Monitor Software

Multimonitor software for virtual graphics adapters and screens
– Smartphones, tablets and other devices as additional physical displays.
– Additional virtual display monitors (e.g. for presentation software).
– Windows Desktop Extension (x10-sion).
– Windows Desktop Duplication (mirroring/cloning).
– Touchscreen.
– KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) remote control (Windows Viewer).

Standard software for private consumers, companies and institutions
– Available for download in app stores for Windows, iOS and Android.
– Basic functionality free of charge.
– Additional functionality as in-app purchase (after expiration of BETA).
– HTML5 VIEWER software for all kinds of devices.

Software components for OEMs, corporate customers and institutions
– Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration into other products.
– C++ Application Programming Interface (API) with sample source code.
– Interfaces to display driver, keyboard-driver and network protocol.

Virtual device drivers for graphics adapter and input
– Virtual WDDM display driver.
– Simulation of additional graphics adapters and display monitors.
– Extension and duplication of the Windows Desktop.
– Virtual input device drivers for keyboard and mouse.

Network server and client components
– Transmission of screen content and input from mouse and keyboard.
– Connection oriented network protocol based on TCP/IP standard.
– Discovery Protokoll within local subnets based on UDP/IP broadcasts.
– M-JPEG image encoding and decoding

Custom Software development and testing

Software tailor-made to fit the requirements
– Apps for smartphones and tablets
– Web services and web software
– Communication- and data transmission interfaces
– Database applications
– System software and device drivers

Offshore development in the Philippines
– Strong familiarity and affinity to western culture.
– English is primary language for business and education.
– Manila, Philippines was second globally among outsourcing cities in 2016.
– 130,000+ tech graduates annually.
– Ideal offshoring location for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Cloud Software Hosting

Since the year 2004 an increasing number of public libraries are using our software WinBIAP as hosted all inclusive solution out of the cloud. Today, almost 50% of all WinBIAP customers are using this service.

It is contractually guaranteed that data centers are only operated in Germany. Currently the data centers are located at two geographically distant locations to ensure high reliability with a failover solution.

Our high technical and organizational standards guarantee compliance with all security and data protection requirements (including the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation DSGVO). An encrypted connection according to the latest method provides the highest level of security according to the latest standards. This applies both to workplaces in the library and home workplaces.

WinBIAP is designed as one software for two different environments. The cloud solution has exactly the same functionality as a local installation. Migration into the cloud (or back) is always possible at short notice and without any problems. It does not make any difference to the user whether he works in the cloud or locally.


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Company History

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"datronicsoft UG (haftungsbeschränkt)". Company incorporation in Augsburg / Germany. Business: Custom software development and software for display systems.
2006"datronicsoft Inc." Company incorporation in Manila / Philippines. Business: Custom Software Development.
"datronic IT-Systeme GmbH&Co.KG". Takeover of all share capital by the current owner.
2001"datronic IT-Systeme GmbH&Co.KG". Entry as shareholder and Managing Director by the current owner.
"datronic GmbH". Management buyout by the father of the current owner.
1985"datronic GmbH". Market entry as software vendor for library management systems.
"datronic GmbH" company incorporation as subsidiary of "Paul Kieser Endlosdruck und Verlag". Business: Typesetting, microfilm services and barcode master film production.
1955"Paul Kieser Endlosdruck und Verlag". Business unit continuation by the grandfather of the current owner.
"E. Kieser KG". Company incorporation in Augsburg / Germany by the grand-grandfather of the current owner. Business: Paper trade and printing house.